NJ JH/ELEM Honors Student

Choir Festival Student Form
  • Student Information

    Directors: Please make sure you have collected all student information and recordings using the directions on the previous page. Please fill out a separate form for each student auditioning before filling out the Director form. A director can only submit 16 auditions per school/organization.
  • Accepted file types: mp3.
    Make sure to save each MP3 file EXACTLY in the following format. Files that are not named appropriately may result in disqualification so please take time to check before uploading.

    Ensemble (E or JH) Voice Part - Last Name First Name

    For example:
    E Treble I - Smith Michael
    JH Soprano II - Jones Susie

    **Do not write out Elementary or Junior High. Please use Roman Numerals and spaces as indicated in the sample. Files are automatically sorted by their file name. Failure to follow the given format could result in a missing file**
    If selected, I will memorize all my music before attending Honor Choir activities on Saturday, April 28th from 8:30 am - 1 pm and Saturday, May 5 from 8:30 am until the concert, which begins at 4:30 pm. I understand that I must attend both of these dates for their full duration to be eligible to perform in the Honor Choir Concert on May 5.
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