R&R Blog – June 2016, with Anne Matlack

attic memeIt is planning time! I don’t know about your process but mine involves moving around huge piles of music! I try to file and then I just re-pile.  Over the years I have enjoyed giving themed concerts because I find it the best way to organize my thoughts and attract audience while presenting a variety of styles from Renaissance to contemporary and global. Piles germinate until a theme rises to the top.  Nowadays as well as researching my own extensive collections (I have to touch everything—reminds me of the Ann Landers saying “no person who can read is ever successful at cleaning out an attic”) I spend a lot of time on social media musical sites and YouTube and Cpdl.org—ain’t modern life grand! If you are looking for theme ideas of repertoire feel free to drop me an email or look me up on Facebook.  I am also proud to say, 17 years of themed concert program notes are archived on Harmonium Choral Society’s website—feel free to snoop! Enjoy your process!